Want to make constant progress,
accomplish your fitness goals,
take your physique to the next level ?

Progressive overload is your ability to get stronger over time i.e. move heavier weights.
It is the key factor for muscle growth.

"Without progressive overload your body does not need to adapt and therefore will never get bigger or stronger beyond a certain point."
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Fractional weight plates will allow you to:

  • > Increase weight in much smaller amounts
  • > Break through plateaus
  • > Make constant progress
  • > Overcome the equipment limits of your gym

"Smaller increases in weight are an excellent way to continue to make progress in the gym."

Order* your set of PregressiveOverload fractional weight plates SET and save 80%.
Set includes: one pair of 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75kg metal coated weight plates, suited for olympic bar.

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